This is WHM TVP

Our story

Every company needs an online presence if they wish to stay ahead of their competitors and in the direct sight of clients.

WHM Human Resource Advisors saw a need for a more defined digital presence for all the divisions and created WHM TV Productions. The goal of WHM TV Productions is to help businesses establish their brand and identity online, without having sold an arm and a leg.

We started marketing only the 5 divisions found within WHM Human Resource Advisors, when that showed promise and success, we decided to expand our services to companies outside of WHM Human Resource Advisors.

We offer a wide range of services to cater to any digital presence need. From companies that have no online presence at all, to those who took a dip in online reputation, we help all to become known and seen by clients everywhere.





Creative and innovative

Innovation is truly what gets us out of bed every morning! We love using new ideas to help promote your business in creative and unique ways!

open, transparent communication

We adore hearing everything about your business! We want to know the most so we can show the world just how amazing you are!

Highly ambitious

We aim to always increase the quality of our services by increasing the skill level of our team continuously. This is achieved by enrolling our team members in a myriad of skills courses, such as photography, web design, digital marketing, SEO, and much more!

We are currently enrolled in a Graphic Design Course via Skillshare and a Software Development Course via CodeSpace!

Driven by innovation and growth

Innovation is what gets us out of the bed in the mornings! We feel bored by that which is normal and accepted, we want to help businesses thrive and grow into the future of South Africa. We can do it, together!